When humanity intersects, we are beautiful!


...is where humanity and all living creatures meet we call home. Let's take care of our souls and make our home better place for the next generation of beautifull souls off all beings and creatures.



My approach to art making is holistic. It manifested itself in my latest body of artwork, which I called “ Intersectionality.” Humans have been intersecting with each other for more than a millennium. However, in the race for exploitation, humans have become one the major destructive force on earth. It’s affecting our existence and with it all the resources and other creatures.

At this juncture with our political state, as an artist, I rise above the pain to paint beauty and bring people together to educate and bring hope. The little actions matter; it symbolizes my determination as a human being to change. Do your part, we will not be the minority, and we will be the force of social change.



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