Exhibit History

Solo shows, selected examples:
2013     “From the Atlantic to the Gulf,” (Vancouver, WA)
2012     “Ishlonak?,” (Vancouver, WA)
2011     “Graceful Names,” Littman Gallery (Portland, OR)
2009     ‘Image vs. Word,” Muslim Educational Trust (Tigard, OR)
2006     ‘Image vs. Word,” Littman Gallery (Portland, OR)
2006     “Words and letters,” Providence St. Vincent Medical Center (Portland, OR)
2002     “The American Berlin Wall,” NewWorld Gallery (Portland, OR)
1999     “Self Diagram,” Noury al-Kaledy Scholarship Foundation (Portland, OR)
1999     “Self Diagram,” Fine and Performing Arts Gallery, Portland State University
(Portland, OR)
1997     “Window for the Soul,” Hawthorne Arts Guild (Portland, OR)

Group shows, selected examples:

2010    “New Works Times Three,” North Bank Artists Gallery (Vancouver, WA)
2010    "Contact, Connect, Collaborate," Evanston Art Center (Chicago, IL)
2009    “Mosaic,” Cuentos Foundation, (Chicago, IL)
2009    “Art Beat,” Portland Community College, (Portland, OR)
2008    “Across the Divide,” Illinois State Museum (Springfield, IL)
2008    “Piece Process,” Pomegranate Gallery (New York, NY)
2007    “Piece Process,” Glenn & Viola Walters Art Center (Hillsboro, OR)
2006    “Kalimat,” ARC Gallery (Chicago, IL)
2006    “Peace and Justice,” Trinity Episcopal Church (Portland OR)
2005    “Common Ground,” Bilal Mosque (Beaverton, OR)
2005    “Common Ground,” Havurah Shalom (Portland, OR)
2004    “Wilderness Journey,” Jewish Community Center (Portland, OR)
2003    “Piece Process,” (Athens, GA)
2002    “salawat/tafilah,” ARC Gallery (Chicago, IL)