The embodiment of humanity


This body of work is honoring our humanity and Darweesh.

Artist Statement


My artwork is always inspired by my rich history and culture. This body of work I focused on one poem, ‘Ahmad al Za’tar’, by a Palestinian poet, Mahmoud Darweesh. This poem took me back through the terrains of my memories back to a specific time and specific location and that is 1982, the Israeli invasion of Lebanon. In 1993, I went to Lebanon and I saw the devastation the Israeli army left behind. Also the Israeli army left with the massacre of Sabrah and Shatelah. Many innocent lives were lost.

‘Ahmad al Za’tar’ was published in the 60’s. In 1983, Marcel Khalife, a Lebanese musician, brought the poem alive. And quickly became as an anthem.

Poetry is a very important art form in my culture. In fact Arabic language evolved and flourished on poetry. In this body of this artwork I am using poetry to paint my ‘landscape’ of memories and culture. As painful as it is, these words offered us strength and courage. It kept our soul alive.

Darweesh always sough dialogue, and always cared about our humanity. He wanted peace for all. He quickly became a renounced world poet, and became a universal human being.

I am honoring our humanity and Darweesh, and keeping the dialogue open by sharing this work with you. I hope that we all could reach better understanding of each other by reaching out with peaceful means.



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